Another Sleepless Night

I tossed and turned last night.  My mind was so busy thinking of new ways to protect and educate my children.  Creative ways to explain the current injustices of my Country.  Pondering how will I adapt to the current climate of a place I call home, but have been displaced from for almost a decade.  I’ve been living overseas and watching my Country from afar.  My vantage point is wider and allows me the opportunity to plug in and out whenever I choose to do so.  I’ve been plugged in via social media a lot and have been bombarded by hashtags.  Hashtags used to signal something new, fresh and trendy in my news feed.  Today, it means that another person of color has been criminalized and murdered.  It means that there are more cops going on leave without pay.  It means another sleepless night for me.  Another night of stalking my black loved ones on Facebook, seeing where they check in, and how recent they have posted something, to make sure they are alive and well–still living and enjoying this so-called freedom.

My vantage point has made me so quiet.  I’ve sat down and been a spectator for so long–too long.  A fire has been burning inside of me for some time now, and I’ve been trying not to feed it.  I’m afraid of fueling it.  I want to feed it my anger, my sorrow, my worry, disappointment and fear.  Sometimes I look around at my forest of life and see my trees of joy being chopped down, hashtag after hashtag.  My walls of freedom are closing in on me, and my river of excuses disguised as empathy have officially run dry.  I’m now a desert–a beautiful one with camel footprints and oases of hope and love for my fellow humans.

I remember telling my Husband and Mother when my babies were born that I didn’t want my children to learn to label people by their race.  For what?  Why?  Why teach my child to participate in labels that were only created to keep us apart?  Why teach my children to use such nebulous labeling?  Aren’t I smarter than that?  We are all human right?   We are  all decedents of Lucy right?  Don’t we live in a new world?  A world where people will not take one look at you and choose to hate you for the way you were born?  Of course, I plan on teaching them their ancestry, but I just refused to take part in race, when I honestly don’t even believe it exists (along with many other social scientists).

I wanted to believe that the group of people who terrorized this world with slavery, torture, rape, brainwashing all in the name of power was no more.  There was a time when people of color were being massacred for not believing in a certain religion, kidnapped and forbidden to read, write and use their native tongue.  That was a dark time.  I wanted to believe that today was brighter, and in many ways it is.  However, there is still so much darkness.  Today, black men, women and children are guilty until they are proven guilty.  They are gunned down out of fear, presumptions and hate.  Their lives are disregarded and deaths excused by police sympathizers who turn a blind eye to the fact that the police force has been infiltrated by white supremacists.  I thought that I was living in a time where people of color no longer had to live in fear that those in positions of authority and judicial power would treat us unjust and different just because we aren’t white.

I was wrong.

I first learned I was wrong after my Brother was kidnapped at gunpoint by cops.  Of course, they made up all kinds of lies to defame his character and justify their wrongful doings.  He made it out with his life and has since been living well with tons of success.  He’s an educated, intelligent, resourceful, warrior who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and fighters who never gave up–so he is doing the same.  That happened before this horrid rash of murders started coming to the media’s surface.  I viewed my brother’s experience as an isolated horrifying act of terror and hate.  I learned that I was wrong–yet again.  The only thing isolated about my Brother’s incident is that he made it out with his life.  I can not say the same for the other “hashtags” out there.

I believe that in my Country, majority of the people are good and want to do good.  Humanity has evolved into more loving, patient and respectful folks.  I also believe that those few haters who have been lurking in the backwoods for several decades do not like this change.  They hate this positive, vibrational shift that is taking place and they are conspiring ways to divide and conquer us–all of us.  I don’t want them to win.  Do you?  Of course you don’t.  You probably have loved ones who don’t check the same census box and maybe even have multiracial children or grandchildren.  I believe you who are reading this is a good person–a great person.  A person who wants to be happy, enjoy life and have peace.  You want to get along with, respect and understand your fellow man and woman.  So don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid to ask a question, leave a comment, share a thought.  Don’t be silent.

“Without justice, there can be no peace.  He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Please, don’t be silent.

So this blog has to evolve.  It’s time for me to grow up.  I’m aching to write about things that don’t involve sea moss, kitchen appliances and live enzymes.  Don’t get me wrong, nutrition is my thing, but my sacral chakra is swelling with so many other thoughts I would love to share…


Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe, Seriously.

I started this blog with the sole intention of showing that the posterity of Charles and Arlene Settle was not in vain.  When my Mother passed away just a few short months after starting it, I felt this need to prove my existence and thought that I could communicate with their energies through it.  I didn’t really know what I was doing but I knew what I wanted from it–to grow into the person they believed that I could become.  I used this platform for my own personal gain as a tool to keep myself accountable to bettering myself.  This was my way of contributing to this world.

If you can’t tell: I am very proud of my bloodline

I saw one of those quote-pic-meme thingamabobs that said “your vibe attracts your tribe.”  I learned how true this statement is in the past year from this blog.  I started to attract people who heard me speaking (to them) and bumped into people that were on similar frequencies.  I reconnected with some old friends who have blossomed into closer, refurbished-friends and have formed bonds with women who accepted me while I was still trying to figure out how to be myself, without my Mother physically present.  This blog has caused me to dig deep within myself and helped me to make conscious decisions every day.  By doing so, I started aligning with my hearts desires, causing the conveyor belt of the great continuum to produce one blessing after another.

My moon sign is Sagittarius–full of fire and an insane amount of optimism, so much so, that in times where I don’t immediately see the silver lining, I panic.  I shutdown, crawl under a rock made of archaic fairy dust, and start devising a plan on how to create a silver lining.  This blog was my silver lining to this thing called life.  I am still polishing it and finding ways to keep it clean and shiny for all to see.

 I also, came across some radical folks who caused me to do a little inventory inward to see where was I going with all of this and what my intentions were.  

I learned that social media is an intoxicating dimension full of people who are looking for other souls to build a bond with within the generous confines of their internet provider or free wifi hotspots.  I experienced that there are also, some miserable people in this world who are desperate to have others join them in their pain.  I learned to have compassion for these trolls who believe they are entitled to tax another human being’s attempt at sharing a piece of their life.

I took a little break from writing and my weekly accountable checks (i.e. blog posts) and chose to face the reality that is my life and find other ways to be happy during it.  I found comfort in the arms of my Husband, laughed at the shenanigans of my children and started to eat real food again (still juicing, but have since took up chewing a lot more).  I also, found joy in doing something that my Mother did every moment she could–dance.  I’m not a professional dancer, but I am a new member of the Zumba tribe and have been filled with the hip-shaking, twerking spirit.  I started to really live for myself and appreciate my life, and dance to the beat of my own drum made with a resilient membranophone stretched by my ancestors and strum by my life experiences.

I have grown up these past few months and have learned how to live with the void my Mother’s passing left behind (which is huge).  I fell into that big crater of sadness, but while I was sitting there, I built a ladder with the strength I mustered from a mysterious place that I didn’t know existed.  I decided to live out the dying commands/wishes of my Ma: “focus on your family Nette and be happy.”  That’s it?  Focus on my family (husband and children) and just be ‘happy’ she tells me.  Forwards so simple, that I couldn’t grasp why the hell they were so hard at times.  I am doing it though.  I make the decision everyday to be happy.  I still get sad (doesn’t everyone), but I also remind myself of the many blessings in my everyday life.  I dance, kiss my loved ones and play with my kitchen appliances to make new beauty concoctions and culinary potions (like my green pancakes, elderberry syrup and ash-kicker).

I know where I am going now.  I’m going to be who I know am, and not who others believe me to be.  I am going to be unapologetically Jeanette.

I’m also going to be an old lady with tattoos.

Playing, not playing.  old-woman-tattoo

Feature photo credit: Brown Betty Photography

Vegan Butcher Shop? WT?

When I go into a butcher shop, I can smell salt, cheese and refrigeration in the air.  Those are for the actual butcher shops that sell animal protein, but I wonder what one that was based off of wheat gluten and other plant based foods smell like?  Do you think it would have a tofu, cardboard smell, or a constant cumin aroma?  Have you ever taken a whiff of veggie businesses and noticed how strong the cumin or coriander is in the air?  Maybe it’s just me.

I came across this video several months ago now and was really shocked by the negative feedback it received on social media.  I read some comments claiming that a butcher shop not based on actual butchery is false advertisement, and still spreads a message of cruelty.  I think some people just take things to seriously.  It’s a gimmick, and gimmicks make money.  Whether you agree with it or not, you have to admit that it’s a creative idea.  If it has a good location, I’m sure it will do well, at least initially, thanks to the media buzzing about it.  What do you think?

Well, here’s a quick video about it for those that are curious to see it.  Does this make you think about a cool business idea you have?  Just go for it.  Don’t be scared.  If you can dream it, you can make it a reality.  The pair behind this business venture are siblings.  They are the typical, trendy-looking forward thinkers that are just aiming to better the environment, be a little kinder to animals and make money (last one is my assumption).  The food doesn’t look appetizing to me, but I’m sure that a lot of it is tasty.  Different, but tasty.

I’m sharing this for my own personal reasons, so that I can file this away and check back in a year or two to see what the shop will be up to then.  I’m curious, if you can’t tell.  Is this the beginning of a franchise chain?  Or…?

The American Flag ~ Burn Baby Burn?

Burning something is at times a sacred act or spiritual ritual that involves cleansing negative energies and setting intentions; it’s also at times, an act of hate, defiance and rebellion.  To burn the American Flag can be a respectful way to retire it, or an act of defiance and illegal (only if you don’t have a permit to start the fire)…blah-blah-blah.  Enough sugar coating.  I have been disappointed and disgusted by people burning the flag on National flag day, or any day for that matter.  I have very specific reasons why, and many of them I believe would cause even the misinformed arsonist to grab the nearest fire extinguisher or bottle of water to extinguish their flames of fury.  This blog usually focuses on health, wellness and all things feminine and magical–but I invite you all to read, reflect and share these thoughts with me today.

Black Power Burning 

I saw a video (I dare not post it here to give it any more views) where people were chanting “black power” while trampling on the American flag and burning it.  These believers are upset  over the horrific slave trade and the foundation of white supremacy that this country was built upon and still uses just under different terminology (I refuse to get into that subject) and a slew of other things based on the hatred of people of color.  Many are burning this flag because they believe that their citizenship is only the aftermath of their ancestors being forced to enter this country only to endure back breaking labor, emotional trauma and financial hardship all the days of their lives.  To understand these motives would make you empathize with them; however, are they aware that by burning the flag they are also throwing flames of disrespect on:

Grace Wisher: 13 year old African-American (Black) girl who, along with the publicly credited Mary Pickersgill, made the first flag.  That’s right, a young black girl “assisted” in making the first Star Spangled Banner.  Anyone who understands the amount of patience and dedication that it takes to sew anything knows that when something you took part in creating gets destroyed, you’re heartbroken.  I love to sew and crochet, and I feel as if my sacral chakra is stomped on with a steel-toe-boot whenever something that I have made is destroyed, lost or broken.  Even if the young Ms. Wisher was sewing this flag in tears at the forced hands of her then oppressors, I am sure that even-still, she would not want what she worked so hard on to be put to flames.  Her soul dwells within the very stitches of that flag.  To burn it is to burn her legacy.  It took Black Girl Magic to make what so many misinformed people are now defiling.600px-Crispus_Attucks

Crispus Attucks: “First man to die for the flag we now hold high was a black man” lyric from Stevie Wonder‘s song “Black Man“.  Need I say more?  He was the first man to lose his life in the Boston Massacre.  This huge piece of American history is significant to Native Americans (he was part Wampanoag), African-Americans, and all other oppressed people of this world.  He fought for what he believed in with real bravery.  I was not there (neither were you for that matter), so I am not here to talk about anything more than the legacy that this man has left behind for oppressed people.  Would he appreciate the flag being burned or trampled all over?  I don’t know–maybe, maybe not?  This is where I choose to err on the side of respect.  Burning something that this man that I claim as a part of me (as an American) died over is a despicable act of ancestral defiance and disrespect.grandpa sub635705128719696289

Service Members of Color:  My Father, Grandfathers, Husband and countless of other cousins, uncles, and ancestors served this Country.  Some of them may have chosen to do so out of pride, honor, convenience, or forced to do so out of survival.  Their motives and reasons behind putting on a uniform does not negate the fact that they served and sacrificed.  They pledged their allegiance, provided for their families and made the best of their situations.  I come from a bloodline of proud men that have shed blood for that flag.  Chances are, most if not all of these participants who claim black power while they stomp and burn their flag, have a family member that is either currently serving, or has served that flag.  Whether you agree with war, or even care about the military does not change the fact that your fellow black, brown, red and yellow men and women have fought for that flag, and even died for it.

White Service Members:  Bet you thought I wouldn’t throw them in this post huh?  Truth of the matter is that as an American, no matter your skin color or race you claim, you may very well have a white ancestor, friend or dare I say it, a white lover.  Do a DNA test–or get another family member to do one and you’ll start to see how connected we all are.

If you are choosing to burn the American flag, dare not scream it being in the name of Black Power.  Before you understand that black power is not only what made that flag, fought for that flag and is part of the reason you even have the freedom to run out in the streets and defile that flag.

Black Power is in part about the political and economic power of black Americans who are standing in solidarity, as a unified people.  It’s not about hatred.  It’s not about separation.  It’s about bettering a community and overcoming obstacles by coming together.


~Sacrifice is Sacrifice ~

I thought I would fail to go through with publishing this post out of fear of seeming like a woman suffering from “Stacy-Dash-Syndrome.”  Then I remembered all of my ancestors who are a part of that American flag.  I remembered the fact that I am a part of that flag.  That my Husband and children are sacrificing so many luxuries and small things that the average civilian American may take for granted for that flag.  Small things like having your cousins and Grandparents be a constant part of your children’s’ lives.  Common luxuries like being able to attend and cry at a funeral for your loved one.  Some service members have to even sacrifice when to mourn those near and dear to their heart.

If you choose to burn a flag, do it for yourself and your own personal traitorous characteristics and hatred for all of your fellow Americans.  Do it because you are publicly showing to the world that you do not wish to stand in solidarity with anyone.  Just keep in mind that you are one of the few human beings that are even lucky enough to burn the flag freely, in public and even post it on your social media platforms.  Do you even know how many other countries would have executed you and your family for just tweeting about wanting to do such a thing?

Lastly, prior to having your red, white and blue barbecue of terror, consider changing your citizenship and moving to another Country.

How to Make Elderberry Syrup, and why you should

Elderberry Syrup (Sambucus Nigra) tastes great, works wonders to better your health and is also expensive.  It’s so expensive, that I would presume that the average working class or middle class family wouldn’t consider purchasing it.  I’ve seen it range anywhere from $14 to around $20 for a small 8 oz bottle.  When you should take about a tablespoon everyday to reap it’s benefits, that quickly adds up (especially if you plan on sharing it with other family members).  You’re immune system will be stronger, but your bank account will deplete itself a little faster, which could cause you to stress over money.  More stress can/will weaken your immune system, which makes your elderberry syrup investment worthless.



Make the syrup at home for a fraction of the retail price.  You can purchase an entire pound of ORGANIC elderberries (online here) from Amazon for the same price that some stores list for one small, ready-made bottle.  If you purchase the dried berries and make it at home, you can make roughly eight times the amount of the prepared versions!  That’s a lot of savings–we’re talking over a hundred dollars worth of savings!  Not to mention, that this version will decrease your stress level and give you the satisfaction of creating something yourself.  You’ll be proud of your accomplishment, thankful for your savings and your excited about your improved health.

Elderberry Syrup can help you to fight off or shorten the duration of the common cold, flu, flush out toxins and combat mucous and allergies.  It’s also been shown to perform numerous of magic health tricks, and I will go more in depth about it’s holistic powers in another post.  For now, let’s get started on making this magical, holistic health potion.

It also has a high amount of Vitamin C–very high.

What you will need:

  • Jars/bottles for storing your syrup (like these, or these)
  • A pot (clay or glass is supposed to be best, but use what you have)
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Measuring cups
  • Mesh Strainer or Cheesecloth


  • 4 cups water
  • 1/2 cup dried elderberries (or 1 whole cup of fresh)
  • 1 cup of local honey (raw would be awesome) or 1 cup of agave

Optional ingredients:

  • 1 inch of fresh ginger
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/4 tsp of dried cloves or all spice

(Common ratio for making this immune building potion is simply 1/4 dried elderberries for every 2 cups of water)

Easy Process:

Bring your four cups of water to boil, add all of your ingredients (minus the honey) and simmer for around 30 minutes.  Strain your hot mixture and discard or compost your leftover berries and optional ingredients.  Mix in the honey after your elixir has cooled a little.  Voila!


Watch over it and make sure that it is only a simmer, not a boil (be gentle).  When done simmering, mash everything through your strainer or cheesecloth to make sure that all the liquid is extracted and no particles are leftover in your soon to be syrup.  Let it cool for a few minutes (so you don’t burn yourself) and then add your honey.  Mix well and pour into your container of choice.  Store it in the back of your fridge (not the door) and take about one tablespoon everyday.

FullSizeRender (1)You can enjoy this by the tablespoon everyday, or add some to your oatmeal, yogurt, granola, pancakes, whatever you like.  My boys love this concoction so much, that they get excited when I’m spotted hovering over a simmering pot.  They will ask me “are you making medicine?!”.  This stuff is magical.  I mean it.  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get this in their system ASAP.  Their taste buds and immune system will be so grateful.

Dr Sebi’s Cell Food: Bio Ferro Review

I looked at my clock and saw that it was around 4:53 am.  In disbelief of the time, I proceeded to check the rest of the clocks in the house, to make sure that the circuit breaker didn’t trip on me again.  Every clock in my house was in agreement–they all agreed that I needed to take my butt to bed.  This was the only indicator I had that night to remind my body to rest–because I sure didn’t feel as if my body was ready to lay down and recover from the day.  What on Earth happened to me to make me feel so energized, rested and as if I could continue on?  I remembered that I had started taking a new herbal tonic, Bio Ferro on this day.

What is Bio Ferro?

According to his website, “Bio Ferro combines the right ingredients to bring the most powerful and effective blood nourisher and purifier.” (source).  It has the following herb/roots/berries inside of it:

This tonic has the perfect recipe for increasing energy levels without feeling hyperactive or over-stimulated (like if you had too much caffeine).  I felt alert and as if my body was breathing better.  This is a strange testimony, but do you know that feeling you have when you wake up excited about something?  You’re happy to embrace the day and whatever it may bring–that’s how I felt when taking this tonic.

I would consider myself to be in excellent health.  Meaning, I exercise, eat right, drink plenty of water and rest.  I am free from any chronic ailments, illness or aches and pains.  I say all of that to show that even though I don’t have a need for this product to heal me in any way, even I felt a difference after taking it.

How Does it Work?

To understand how this magic elixir would improve a person’s health and overall well being, let’s understand what’s in it:

YellowdockThis herb is high in iron and is strongly recommended for those with blood disorders and chronic skin diseases.  Iron is to the human body as gold is to the bank–we need it to be operational.  Every living cell contains iron.  It’s also the key ingredient according to the product’s description: “Yellowdock (Rumex crispus) is a natural herb used as a digestive bitter for people with poor digestion. Yellow dock root is a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver. Yellow dock root stimulates bile production, which helps digestion, particularly of fats. It can stimulate a bowel movement to help remove lingering waste from your intestinal tract; it also increases the frequency of urination to assist in toxin elimination.” (source)

BurdockNow I am not sure if it’s the root or the leaf that was used in this product, but either way, this is great for cleansing the body.  It’s great for the kidneys and contains tannins that can be used for an upset stomach, kidney damage, gout, ulcers and arthritis to name a few.  In China, it’s been used for sterility and in India for cancer.

ElderberryThis berry is one of my absolute favorite berries.   When I saw this on the ingredient list, I knew this tonic was a winner.  This is great for the common cold, stimulates and strengthens your immune system, encourages elimination of toxins as a gentle diuretic,  is anti-inflammatory, can help lower cholesterol, and even has quercetin in it.  This berry is also good for keeping candida under control.  It’s a super berry.

CocolmecaMen should fall in love with this one, as it’s basically Viagra for men.  It hails from the rain forests of Belize where the vines are traditionally boiled and given to the men.  It’s also wonderful for the ladies as well.  Say hello to vitality with this ingredient. (Source)

SarsaparillaThis one has been used historically to treat syphilis, ghonnorreah, and leprosy, but it also is widely known for it’s anti-inflammatory and overall wellness affect on the body.  The overall wellness comes from it’s ability to protect the liver’s cells.

Optimal liver function is imperative for overall wellness because of that organ’s essential roles of filtering toxins, storing nutrients and producing hormones and digestive substances (source).

Anything that will help to protect the liver’s cells and also stimulate it to function at it’s best, is a winner.  (This herb is also in his Estro 1 product for women–read about that here)

As you can see, Bio Ferro can definitely yield amazing results to someone who is in relatively great health to those who are suffering and looking for relief from a chronic illness, pain, fatigue or even allergies.  The ingredients in this elixir are quality herbs, vines, berries and roots that have been extracted and formulated to almost perfection (in my opinion).  It has a bitter taste and does remind you that this stuff is not to be abused or taken lightly–it’s herbal medicine.

I felt like superwoman when drinking a couple of tablespoons a day.  I know to some people, staying up until the break of dawn isn’t a benefit, but the amount of energy I had on it definitely was.  As a mother of two very active boys, I’m grateful for a holistic remedy to Mommy fatigue.  I just know from now on, to pay attention to the time and take my butt to bed.  Bio Ferro or not, sleep is a must for everyone.

If you purchase it and can’t stomach the bitter herbs, then I would suggest putting your two tablespoons in a cup of hot water with your favorite sweetener and enjoy a warm cup of Bio Ferro tea.  Or make a syrup out of it by mixing it with 1/2 cup of local and/or raw honey.  I prefer to gulp my two tablespoons straight up and enjoy the bitter awaking to a sweet and healthy day full of internal sunshine, positive energy and vitality.  It’s also available in capsule form.

Reuse, Recycle & $ave

Also, please don’t throw away the bottle when you are finished!  That’s an amber glass bottle that can be reused for anything liquid (soaps, oils, homemade tonics and teas).

*This article is NOT sponsored by Dr. Sebi’s Cell food.  The information and opinion expressed in this article are my own personal words for information purposes only and not to treat or diagnose anyone*

Vegan Corn Chowder: Gluten and Soy Free (I think)

I aim to eat vegan, because I feel my best without all of the bloating from dairy products–but I need to tell the truth and shame the devil: I LOVE anything creamy!  Vegan recipes can be off-putting, intimidating and unappealing at times (often times) when it’s something creamy or cheesy.  Usually it has at least one allergen (nuts, gluten), and requires ingredients you’ve either never heard of, or don’t have access to (or assume you don’t have access to).  Any-who, enough lamenting over cruelty free food.

What a corny hat. Get it?

I had a hankering for corn today.  I also had a craving for chocolate and anything warm and creamy, so off to the kitchen cabinets I went in search of corn and cashews.  I thought, “ooh, cashews and water comes out pretty creamy, without a strong aftertaste”.  I whipped out my Vitamix and blended my last cup of cashews with a few cups of hot water (they weren’t soaked, so hot water helped to break these babies down) in hopes to scratch my wicked-creamy itch.

I succeeded!

Almost immediately, my chowder started to thicken up!  No corn-starch tempering or flour whisking, just blend nuts and pour.  “How simple”, I thought.  Finally something that’s creamy, savory minus the strange aftertaste that makes you feel like someone accidentally used sugar instead of salt, and no need to use any ingredients that you can only purchase on Amazon or Vitacost.  What a relief!

imageI had enough cashew cream/milk leftover to make a couple of chocolate-mocha shakes.

I love Instagram because it provides me the opportunity to share my foodie excitement with other folks in the world, with the help of a couple of hashtags to get their attention.  I snapped my video of my chowder bubbling away in my skillet, just drooling and admiring my accomplishments.  I wanted to share my dish with a new-fellow veggie lover who lives close-by, but alas, too much of my essence was in it (spit, I kept licking the spoon).


Luckily, no one in my family likes corn chowder, even though my Hot-Hubby has stomping grounds in New England (don’t dare whisper any words against Brady or Belichick in his presence though).  Usually, I would be slightly disappointed when they don’t share my excitement over something I cooked, but I have Instagram friends–hey-now!  Plus, this meant more for me!

Maybe next time I make it, I can share it with Emily.  If I can manage to keep my finger out of the pan, and tongue off the spoon.  Wait a second…doesn’t this actually validate me as a chef/cook/culinary master?  Aren’t you supposed to taste as you go?  My gut tells me I have this trait a little confused.

  • Ingredients:
    3/4cup diced onion
    1 minced clove of garlic (optional)
    1 cup chopped carrots
    1 cup chopped celery
    1-2 cups of corn
    2 cups of water or broth of choice
    2 cups of freshly blended, un-strained cashew milk (1 cup cashews – 3cups hot water) blended on high)
    1-2 bullion cubes if not using broth


Sauté your onion and garlic till translucent in a tbsp or two of oil.
Add in celery, carrots and water with bullion or broth, cook till tender.
Blend your cashews with hot water and add two cups of blended creamy goodness to you deep skillet along with your corn. You might want more or less, depends on your preference. Simmer on low for however long you like, but watch it carefully.

Side notes and variations:

For anyone with a nut allergy, you could use soy or rice milk with a tablespoon of flour, but the texture and taste will differ. Another option would be to blend tofu with a little water (that would also add plant protein!).
I love cashews because their so mild in flavor. When you blend them, you get a milk that resembles milk or even half & half, and it doesn’t alter the taste like soy or almond milk might. They’re not the healthiest nut, but I still have love for them.

*****It is recommended to soak your nuts for at least 8 hours (overnight is best), but that would include using patience, and I used all of mine on my toddler*****

I would imagine that Brazil nuts would be great as well, possible even better in taste! I just used what I had on hand.