Misconception of Black Girl Magic

I wanna talk about black girl magic…

Something all of you possess.  It is in every single one of us.  But are you aware of who is in control of it?  Have you given your magic away unknowingly, or has it been outright stolen from you?

Black girl magic can be shared.  There is nothing wrong with sharing your magic, but in order to share it, you have to possess it in the first place.  In order to possess it, you have to be aware of it.  In order to be aware of it you have to understand it.  To believe in it and it’s incalculable power.  If not, it will be stolen, exploited and used against you.  For some (including myself in the past), this has happened.

Stolen Magic of Henrietta Lacks?

Henrietta Lacks’ magic was (allegedly) stolen from her.  She was tapped like a faucet for her immortal resources.  With the single swab of her cervix, the doctor harnessed her understated power for his professional gain.  After years of dedication and research, he seized an opportunity to extinguish his roaring flames of curiosity.  His ego and constant state of inquisitiveness can be argued to be the driving force behind this scientific achievement that changed the course of humans thereafter.

We, the people of all races and genders have benefitted from the magic of the ferocious cancer cells that dwelled within Mrs. Lacks’ womb.  Her magic, unbeknownst to her, immortal and limitless is practically omnipresent now.  The essence of her being is living inside all of us who have been vaccinated for polio (to name a few).

Her magic was taken from her and used to such measure without her knowledge according to some reports.  One storyteller says that the Doctor (failing to mention his name on purpose–this ain’t about him) did mention that she would help a lot of people.  It would be fair to assume that neither of them understood to what depths this statement would ring true.  That she would go on to save millions of lives, help women with in vitro fertilization, and change the evolution of humankind.

However you choose to look at this medical pioneer, the takeaway is to see that this woman from extremely humble beginnings, literally changed the world with one cancer cell.  A microscopic part of her being made medical breakthroughs the entire world is still benefiting from.  Think about that exponential yield of return from something so small in physical measure, yet so profoundly large in magic.

We all posses this magic.

This potential for greatness.  We must recognize this.  We do not have to have it stolen from us, or used against us.  But this unfortunate circumstance will happen, so long as you continue to remain unaware of the interminable source within, by hunting outward.

Where can Black Girl Magic be Found?

The always imitated, never duplicated secret elixir that mystifies the world and captivates the masses with the richness that is, Us.  Black girl magic can manifest itself in many ways.

It’s sprinkled on the streets of Jersey City, by a young black Mother, who teaches the young girls on Garfield Ave. how to jump double dutch like a boss.

It’s slathered on by the Grandma who confidently lives alone in her apartment.  She always has a pot of greens on the stove, a platter of salmon cakes wrapped in foil, and a freezer full of klondike bars for her gran-babies in the freezer who visit daily.  Grandma spoon-feeds her magic to the young babes with old family photos and sacred storytelling of the distant relative who jumped the tracks because she passed for white.

Magic is simmered down to a sweet syrup of mystical molasses by the ever-so professional, proud, alluring Aunt who proves that statistics claiming she is only worth five measly dollars, is a complete fallacy.  This Black Girl Magic phenomenon is nothing new.  We have been sprinkling our fairy dust all over this universe for ions.

What is new, is quantifying it.

Diminishing it to a hair type, hashtag, degree of darkness, and political stance.  Using the hashtag #blackgirlmagic for Instagram hearts under the false pretenses of knowing thyself.  This is not only new, but sad.  It is diluting the secret serum.  This is superficial.  These measures of magic are futile and unfulfilling.  You will never be satisfied.  Reason being, is that by taking part in such actions you are making the claim that you are not satisfied with your present greatness.

This need to act, to do more, be more, is the act that we pursue to be great, yet will fail us because it is subscribing to the belief that who we are, right now is not great.  Who we are right now, is not magical.  We need a crystal, a lotion, oil, butter, or online platform to wave our magic wand.  Failing to realize that our own physical body and mind is the wand in and of itself.

We have the power to end wars with what lies between our thighs.  We can slaughter stereotypes with the daggers of our eloquent tongue, and can move mountains with the intellectual powers between our ears.  We have all of the tools, right now, in this very moment.  All we have to do is wake up and start waving them around.  That is it!

If you can cast beauty spells in your sleep wearing this–That’s magic honey

Use your Magic!  Wave your wand!

Get that masters degree, or finally slay that dissertation not because you need it to be great, but because you already know you are great and choose to wave your magic wand of intellect.

Eat healthy, lose weight or make muscle gains not because you are subscribing to the lie that your dress size determines your worth, but because you know the secret to ending the chronic diseases that have been plaguing our families for generations.  You know we can defeat these medical malfunctions profiteering of our chronic ailments.

Marry that man not because you choose to believe the lie that you need him to increase your worth, but because you prefer to have him as your partner and realize that there are tax benefits to the legal contract.

Marry your female lover not out of political and progressive status, even though you never believed in marriage.  Exchange those vows of lifetime devotion because you want to spend the rest of your days with her as your legal partner and have the same rights as your aforementioned heteros that you know you deserve.

Rock your natural kinks, curls and waves not because you need to fight the systemically racist standards of beauty.  Do it because you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way your hair grows out of your head.

Relax your hair not because…scratch that.  I can not in good conscience ever tell another sister to relax her hair.  No bueno.

We have wings.  Today is the day we spread them and achieve the power of flight.

You would have to be blind to not notice that we have a pattern of soaring to great heights like bald eagles.  Our ancestors, who had their wings clipped, bounded and broken with chains, inhumane confines and unspeakable torment, with their magic, overcame.  They persevered.  If that is not magic, I do not know what is!  We are living proof of that.

We are not victims waiting to be rescued.  No!  We are the daughters of warrior women.  The flesh and blood manifestation of their bravery and love.  Stand tall and shine as your star dust sparkles for all to see.  Some may get burned, or be blinded by your light, but just like the sun, you must keep shining.


Divine Veggie Mama 

“This is me being me, in hopes that you will be you.”

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  1. Jeanette, as usual, you are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to your points of view on just about everything, I love it, keep it up. Great food for thought in young women.

    • Thank you Aunt Gerri, I had a lot of great women who mentored me (hint, you’re one of them 😉 ). Thank you so much for reading it! love you

  2. I love it! You’re amazing… I like your carisma, you always have a smile in your face… blessings Jeanette ?

  3. Beautiful!!! I loved every minute I spent reading this!!! I honestly wore a smile all the way through!! Get it girl!!!??

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