Dear Smart Ass, So-Called Friend

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, in another person’s way, or a little too cocky on the days our ego is running rampant.  These moments should not be on rotation when it comes to your character.  These moments are meant to happen every once in an orange moon, rare occurrences in our slew of good qualities that make up our best self.  That is, if you want to be a good friend to a fellow human being.  Let me share with you the jewel from, ‘The Instructions of Ptah-Hotep“, that made me think of this:

Be not arrogant because of your knowledge, and have no confidence because you are learned.  Take counsel with the ignorant as well as the wise, for the limits of knowledge cannot be reached, and no one really knows the end.  Good words are more precious than malachite, and yet they can be found with slave girls at the millstones.

This quote speaks to me when it comes to relationships, communication and dealing with people.  Have you ever met someone who acted like a know it all, when in reality, they were just cocky over watching a 2 hour documentary on YouTube or having read The Art of War in it’s entirety? image Sometimes, small yet personally profound accomplishments can feed the ego a smorgasbord of confidence that can cause us to start acting aloof, treating others with disregard and missing out on a lot of great relationships.

When we create this hierarchy of intelligence, or man made levels of worthiness, we start picking people apart based on these calculations.  The art of organically meeting people by having a normal conversation and allowing their layers to peel itself is tainted when we choose the role of a braggart instead of choosing to be unpretentious.  Instead, we cut into the onion of human interaction, strip away layers we don’t view as important and end up teary eyed, and probably with a few cuts on our fingers.

Now I can bet that some may view me as a know it all (I know hard to believe!).  Others may view me as a dunce (even harder to believe).  But what matters is how I view myself.

I must walk in my own, personal knowledge of self so the need to view others with a judgmental eye does not dwell within my heart.  The need to cypher through people and tossing someone away based on their income, looks, cultual background, etc., is pretentious and down right stupid.  Doing this in a failed attempt to exalt myself, would only place me on the pedestal of loneliness.  I know who I am–a person who seeks to know more.  A person who has realized that judging books by their cover will only leave me illiterate.  I want to live a thousand lives.  Don’t you?

Picking people apart will only leave us exhausted and confused, not with who they are, but with who we are.  It’s a masquerade of attempting to outwit instead of encourage.  When you know yourself, you will get to know others without any effort, because they will willingly reveal themselves to you.

How do you view this little blurb from “The Instructions of Ptah-Hotep“?  I am aware he most likely was speaking in a different context, yet it resonates with me in this way.  How about you?  I would really love to know in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

Whoa, that was a bit deep….excuse me while I go work on a cookie recipe for a fluffy post  🙂

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  1. That is deep Nette. Everyone gets judged and everyone judges but the curious, compassionate and intuitive sides of all of us are willing to wait for the great character reveal after the onion is peeled. I think the secret is patience and willingness to actively listen sans audio and emotional prejudice.

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