Vegan Gummy Bears for Kids= A Good Idea/Attempt

It’s such a pleasant experience taking vitamins nowadays with the plethora of flavors available.  You can kick it old school and pop a pill, swallow a capsule with a ton of water, or enjoy the chewy, sweet and almost indulgent, gummy.  Who doesn’t remember chewing on a gummy bear with a smile as a kid?  If it wasn’t for the generic, delicious flavor, it was for the weird texture and hard chew.  Gummy candies are a hit with children, and if you ever decide to take the time, love and labor to make a batch of your own, you’ll soon become hooked on making them.  I’m addicted after today.  I tried my hand at making a few batches using agar-agar, instead of the usual gelatin option.  The animal gelatin is the easier option, but as usual, I was looking for a way to add more minerals and plants in my recipe.  My usual aim is to pack as much nutrition as I can into anything my boys are willing to put into their mouths.

You can find a nice video and a couple of recipes on how to make them HERE.

I chose to take on the challenge of making them plant based with an algae option (agar-agar flakes) for the following reasons:

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

Plus, I tried them with regular gelatin and they kept coming out wet like stiff Jell-O.  I’ll figure this out though–one day.

I made two batches: simple strawberry and coconut spirulina.  The strawberry was a hit, while the poor green guys were left untouched.  I messed up the recipe by using the wrong coconut milk, leaving it lacking in flavor.  My children didn’t understand why this cute green bear had no flavor to go along with it’s strange texture.  I used more algae in an attempt to make them firmer, which was a success, yet a fail at the same time.

If you’re wondering how to use agar-agar, it’s pretty much the same as using gelatin powder or sheets.  Unless, you are using these strips of agar-agar, which then have to be chopped up, then dissolved slowly.  I really don’t recommend the latter, it was messy and very hard to get the portions right.  Instead, just spend the money on the regular powder–or don’t spend the money and get cheap gelatin (they’re your gummies, not mine:)).

My husband asked me while I was angrily whisking my concoction in the kitchen: “is that worth all the trouble?”.  The answer was a yes with a frustrated giggle.  I know other parents and guardians understand the satisfaction of seeing your child devour something that you made for them, with the intention of bettering their well being.  Watching those little hands attempt to grab as many little bears as they could, just makes my heart smile and gives me the motivation to keep on whisking my magic potions of minerals, vitamins and love.  Lots of love.


When I finally get my recipe and texture the way I’ve been envisioning, I’ll be sure to post the recipe.



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