Dr Sebi Banju Product Review

I’ve been waiting to be able to tell you all about ANOTHER Dr Sebi Product I’ve tried! I think I made a subconscious goal to try every single one of his products. Any-who, this one did NOT disappoint.  I’m telling you, this man and his herbal knowledge is unlike any other. It’s one thing to understand herbs and how they work, but by judging from the tonics he puts together, he understands WHY they work and how they can work together to heal us.  This one is the perfect concoction for ADD, ADHD and nervous system issues, or emotional distresses and depression.

Now, that’s a rather large claim to make –that it can calm the most hyperactive of children, but when you look into the ingredients, you understand why.  Here is what’s inside this potent 8 oz tonic:

  • Santa Maria
    • Also known as feverfew or medieval aspirin, this herb possesses the magical power to inhibit serotonin and histamine release.  It’s been used throughout history for migraine headaches, but it’s also known to help with arthritis, lowering blood pressure, improve digestion, and help you levitate.  Okay, maybe not help you levitate, but it has shown and prove to deliver on everything else I said, in addition to many other health claims. Sidenote: This herb is considered an emmenagogue, so I would proceed with caution if at all when pregnant.
  • Bardana
    • This herb is great for cleansing the blood of toxins.  It’s excellent for your blood, circulation and has a great amount of iron.  This will literally help you’re body to breathe better, and feel vibrant and alive thanks to all of the oxygen surging throughout your clean blood.
  • Blue Vervain
    • The herb that can be used to help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, kidney stones and even dysmenorrhea.  Blue vervain  has a strong smell and a strong relaxing effect on the nervous system.  I believe that this herb is the one that is the key to helping those with ADD and ADHD.  This herb is gentle enough to relax your nerves without the harsh side effects of prescription medication.
  • Elderberry
    • The infamous Sambucus Nigra!  Dried elderberries that can be turned into a syrup, gummies, jelly and jam and work wonders on your immune system, fight inflammation, and help with allergies thanks to it’s quercetin content.  Elderberries are a favorite of mine because they are so delicious and beyond nutritious.  This herb/berry/ingredient will increase urination, eliminating excess water and toxins from the body.  Be sure to drink enough water with this in your system to help you body work it’s magic.  In the right amount, this can also be used as a mild laxative that is gentle enough for children.

Did you know? Elderberry syrup was used to cure the flu epidemic in Panama (1995).  Research has also shown that when used with St John’s Wort, it can inhibit the herpes simplex virus!  Does this posses the power to actually suppress (or dare I say heal) herpes?


So as you can see, this tonic has all of the bases covered: immunity, inflammation, relaxation and detoxification.  My sons and I took it for a spell and saw tremendous benefits.  My son became calmer and even his teacher took me aside to tell me that his behavior improved.  I felt alive, vibrant, went to the bathroom a little more and just had an overall sense of clarity.  I am aware that my claims may sound a little vague, but I didn’t try this herbal tonic to heal any chronic illness, calm a child suffering with ADD/ADHD, or anything in between.  I didn’t have an actual ‘need’ for this product, yet even I saw an improvement in my everyday functions.  I would really recommend it to someone who is in the market for an alternative method to calming a hyper child, or anyone with a chronic illness looking for relief without side effects.  I would believe that it would help someone suffering from chronic pain and inflammation–the herbs in this tonic are meant for calming the nervous system and fighting inflammation.  I’ll definitely order it again, either this one or the Bio Ferro.  That’s another great product that I’ll cover again later.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I love tihis product also because it makes me feel so extra everything!

      • Hello! My son started this today! I am So excited and nervous at the same time. The side effects from the ADHD medication prescribed by his doctor, was just too much for him! I had to rush my son to the ER because his heart was racing and it scared him. It also scared me!! Since then, I said forget this medication and I started researching natural products for him. Thank you for the product review!

          • My children are still very small, so I definitely didn’t give them the recommended dosage–this stuff is strong. I can’t tell you how much to administer. I would suggest you get in touch with their office via email or by telephone. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. I’ve ordered my ADHD child some of this and I will also be taking this as well. I have never given her any prescribed medications as I have watched a child grow up on ADHD meds and I was completely against giving my daughter that horrid concoction. From the small amount of reviews and my knowledge on Dr. Sebi, I felt that we couldn’t go wrong by trying this product out. I hope for the lady who commented in July responds with an update. 🙂

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