A little About Me…

Hi there!

Peace, blessings, happiness, smiles, rainbows and sunshine to you.  Thank you so much for gracing this site with your presence, I appreciate it.  This site is dedicated to my parents who are resting in peace and watching over me.  They believed in me and all I am attempting to do is make them proud of the life they gifted to me.

I’m a bit of a health enthusiast.  I majored in Nutrition in college for one _EAC4748semester because of my curiosity of all things related to food and health; however I quickly changed that major to Mass Communications because I love to run my mouth and share information.  Well, later on I received a Master’s in Education and took the opportunity to tell grown folks what to do with their life.  Kidding.  I know it’s actually impossible to tell people what to do, thanks to free will.  I do, however, find a lot of enjoyment serving as a guide, channel, medium and source of information.  I like being a messenger.  Which leads me to the birth of this website.

This is my way of spreading not positivity, but realness.  I have learned throughout my life that being true to myself and being myself, minus the apologies is the best way to live.  To live your best life now is simple: accept your circumstances, love yourself, and take care of your body.  This website is my avenue toward these simple goals.

I hope that you enjoy reading and commenting on this blog as much as I do producing content for it.  I share information that I have learned from watching a lot of lectures, reading books, articles, medical studies and from talking to elders who have a ridiculous amount of wisdom and secret information.

I share a few personal dedications, tributes and reflections on my family and close friends.  I also share a few craft and DIY accomplishments.  I love to crochet, dabble in sewing and make it a point to use my hands in some kind of way as often as I can.  Whether it be designing something with a series of knots, or tapping a keyboard.  I’m aiming to be my greatest version, whatever that means.  Right now, it means making the best choices (according to me) every day that I walk this Earth.  I’m also aiming to save money–I’m frugal.  Okay, I’m a bit cheap 🙂   12418875_1110032812354221_4159272813061973963_o

I have also started writing eBooks and am a new, proud “indie-pendent” Author!

You get what you give.  So this is my attempt to give and share knowledge and positive words of encouragement and gratitude in hopes that the same will come back to me.

I’m also a Mother.  A wife.  A sister, niece, and every other female title of a family member.  I’m also, rather stressed at times and have to let out words.  I’m sure other writers will understand this.  I have to let out and share the things that I find shareable, especially since the person that I shared with the most, every day, several times a day is no longer here with me.

So there you go?  This is my attempt at being true to myself.  This is me, contributing to this world.  To adding my footprint in this internet sand.

OK.  I hope you follow my blog and connect with me

email: divineveggiemama@gmail.com

Peace and Blessings…